2017 Pittsburgh Spartan Race

There’s nothing like getting up early on a Saturday morning and feeling alive!  The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

Thanks, Spartan Race for another great experience.

Official Results:  https://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/2591/results?profile=286351886

2017 Pittsburgh Spartan Sprint - Sand Bag Carry 2017 Pittsburgh Spartan Sprint - Multi Rig 2017 Spartan Sprint - Creek Run 10.14.2017 IMG_3749 2017 Spartan Sprint - Creek Run 10.14.2017

A Father’s Blessing

WatchinCasey Special Olympics Vol. 9.16.2017g our kids grow into solid young men has been an absolute blessing in my life.  My son Casey (shown) recently spent the day with his UT Swimming teammates giving back to the athletes competing in the Texas Special Olympics.

Casey is a blessing from above.  I could not love and admire this young man more.